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  1. pijat jakarta

    Hello… its give me a new inspiration and I feel motivate to grow

  2. Hedge Cutting Ladders Supplier

    Great read! really informative and useful.

  3. Garden Communications

    According to most botanical authorities, Mahonia is no longer a valid genus and Mahonia species are now referred to Berberis. Despite the apparent distinctiveness of the cultivated mahonias and barberries, a broader analysis shows that there are species that overlap in a number of features. Indeed, the unusual Berberis floral structure—six sepals, six petals and six stamens—is common to all species. Amalgamation of the two groups is nearly universally accepted by botanists and is an approach borne out by recent molecular genetic studies, but the horticultural literature does not necessarily reflect these changes, and many gardeners and authors are reluctant to recognize the change.

  4. Christine

    Have all the Mahonia been reclassified as Berberis?

  5. Amrita Duperreault

    I learned something about the beauty of a winter garden. Thank-you, Amrita Duperreault. Well thought out prose.

  6. John Woolliams

    This is great- current movement in the garden: Rhodos, Mahonias. How about Mahonia+ Anna’s Hummingbird! All better than exotics that usually appear with foreign(Latin) names.

  7. Sonia

    Thank you! Enjoyed reading.

  8. Barb Hardy

    You brighten my cold dreary rainy day!

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