Vancouver Trees App


Vancouver Trees is a mobile app that describes commonly cultivated trees in the Metro Vancouver area. Users of the app can browse the extensive catalogue of nearly a thousand different trees, each one accurately described by its identification features, ecological needs and availability. Users can search the library of tree images, view tree locations on maps, and create favourite plant lists, either to share or to make a personal archive for quick referencing. The advanced search capability allows users to search for trees based on a long list of identification features and landscape use criteria.

The app is a comprehensive resource for students, landscape professionals, gardeners, arborists, or anyone else with an interest in Vancouver’s trees. Vancouver Trees will definitely help users to make informed decisions when planting and designing with trees. The Vancouver Trees mobile app is available in a professional version (Vancouver Trees Pro) with all of the above features, and in a no-frills basic version (Vancouver Trees Basic) for casual users.

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About the Author

Douglas Justice has been seriously involved with plants for more than forty years. Before his formal horticultural and botanical education, Douglas worked as a propagator and grower at a wholesale nursery and also spent time as a gardener. Throughout his life, he has been captivated by the beauty and wonder of all plants. Douglas is head of horticulture and curator of collections at UBC Botanical Garden. He also teaches in the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at UBC, and in the Horticulture Training Program at the Botanical Garden.


Q: Should I choose Vancouver Trees Basic or Vancouver Trees Pro mobile app?

A: Vancouver Trees Pro is designed to satisfy the needs of students, landscape architects, designers, gardeners, arborists, nursery professionals and others who need detailed information about Vancouver’s trees. The Pro version has the following features:

  • 300 separate essentials pages
  • full text describing nearly 1000 trees
  • more than 2500 images
  • text-linked glossary of terms
  • map locations of significant trees in and around Vancouver
  • view images at up to 2048 pixels horizontal resolution
  • search trees by common or scientific name
  • advanced search for trees using identification features and landscape uses
  • make and share lists of trees
  • share essentials text
  • share images at 640 pixels horizontal resolution

Vancouver Trees Basic is designed with the casual user in mind. The app has the following features:
•    300 separate essentials pages
•    more than 2500 images
•    view images at 1024 pixels horizontal resolution
•    search trees by common or scientific name
•    advanced search for trees using identification features

Q: Will Vancouver Trees mobile app be updated to reflect new trees becoming available?

A: Periodic updates will become available as the Vancouver Trees team finds new map locations for significant existing trees, as well as when new trees become established in the Vancouver marketplace.

Q: Are all of Vancouver’s trees included in the Vancouver Trees mobile app?

A: The range of trees on Vancouver’s streets and in gardens and parks is truly enormous. The Vancouver Trees team has been working to identify as many species and cultivars as possible across the Vancouver area. Many significant individual trees and important plantings have been mapped and included in the app, but this is an on-going process and there is still ground to be covered.

Q: Can I contribute to Vancouver Trees updates?

A: The Vancouver Trees team is always looking for correctly identified photographs and locations of significant publicly accessible trees. Please contact us on our Support Page.

Q: What can I do if I find a mistake in the Vancouver Trees app?

A: If you have found a mistake in any part of the app (a misidentification, spelling mistake, wrong location, a missed significant tree) do not hesitate to let us know so that we can correct it. Please contact us on our Support Page.

Q: Who or what does Vancouver Trees support?

A: Vancouver Trees is a not-for-profit initiative. All proceeds from your purchase of Vancouver Trees supports research, education, and garden improvements at UBC Botanical Garden.

Q: Are there plans to expand the scope of Vancouver Trees?

A: Other than continuing to fill in gaps for trees in the Vancouver area there are no plans to expand beyond the Metro region. However, there are plans to develop a Vancouver Shrubs mobile app.