Friends of the Garden

FOGs 2023

Founded in 1976, the Friends of the Garden (“FOGs”) is a group of UBC Botanical Garden volunteers. FOGs are dedicated to assisting the Garden in maintaining its position as a valued member of the University community and strengthening its reputation nationally and internationally as a centre for horticultural and botanical garden research and education. Comprising about 160 active members, FOGs assist in the planning and execution of Botanical Garden events, operating the Shop in the Garden and Garden Centre, and playing a critical role in fundraising and generating new memberships. Being a FOG is more than just volunteering, it’s a commitment to the mission of the garden, and to ensuring that the garden remains a sanctuary for the preservation of native and global biodiversity now and into the future.

What we do

In keeping with our mission to increase the profile of the garden, FOGs organize and support important events at the Garden throughout the year, including the Treasured Bulb Sale in September, and the very popular Apple Festival in October.

FOGs also run the Shop in the Garden, raise thousands of unusual plants for sale, staff a Hortline service to answer gardening questions, provide guides for tours of the Garden and Nitobe Memorial Garden, organize the garden library and mount specimens for the herbarium.

The FOGs’ weekly Wednesday meetings include a Show & Tell by a senior Garden Curator, walks in the Garden and a wide range of speakers.

In December the FOGs work with a vast selection of plants collected from the Botanical Garden by the Garden Staff to produce a spectacular range of holiday decorations available in the Shop in the Garden.

This is just a sampling of FOG activities and new ideas are constantly being explored.

Join the FOGs

Limited to 160 active members, each year new FOGs take part in an orientation and training session and costs $75.00. Annual dues of $50.00 are paid by all members and include membership in UBC Botanical Garden. Community awareness, willingness to work with others, dedication, and a positive attitude are a few of the many traits that embody the spirit of the Friends of UBC Botanical Garden.

Becoming a Friend of the Garden requires a significant commitment of time and energy but has great benefits, such as guest lecturers, field trips and unlimited access to the Garden and its facilities.

Interested in joining? Fill out our FOG application form. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Not enough time to be a FOG?

If you can only make occasional contributions of time to the Garden, there are a number of volunteer opportunities available. If you have a few hours per week to commit or the ability to help with the occasional weekend event, we’re interested in hearing from you!

You can also support the garden by becoming a garden member. More information is available in our membership section.