UBC Botanical Garden has a strong commitment to education and community outreach. Our programs seek to help the community understand issues of biodiversity, sustainability and conservation.

In addition, the Garden provides on-site research and training opportunities to faculty and students.

Your support helps makes these programs possible.

Community Outreach Fund

Your donation to the Community Outreach program supports the Garden in its endeavours to “leave no one behind” by creating equitable access to nature for all ages and abilities. Due to the continued rising cost of living, our communities have un-equal access to environmental educational programming.

Donate today to support the Garden and its partners in our mission to provide opportunities for low-income children and community members to enjoy the Garden’s beautiful space, while learning about conservation and biodiversity. Join us in creating a garden for everyone, and make your donation today.

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Horticulture Training Program Fund

Training the next generation of talented horticulturists is a key feature of UBC Botanical Garden. Our extensive plant collections and varied garden environments offer tremendous learning opportunities to budding horticulturalists. With your support, the Horticulture Training Program Fund will provide opportunities for students and contribute to vital garden projects.

“From pruning, to the sciences of soils, fertilizing, watering, mulching, and composting, to the environmental impacts of different Horticultural practices, this program covers a broad spectrum of important subjects.”
– Horticulture Training Program 2012-13 graduate

“This program equipped me with industry relevant skills and confidence, to start working in the field immediately after completion. Being situated in a botanical garden, it gave us opportunities to work with very different plant material from around the world.”
– Horticulture Training Program 2012-13 graduate

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Botanical Garden Donations Fund

A growing garden always needs attention. The Botanical Garden Donations Fund supports general operations in the Garden. Your support helps maintain the grounds and strengthen our research and outreach programs.

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