UBC Botanical Garden curates a collection of 50,000 plants representing 7,000 taxa from temperate regions around the world. Woodland gardens highlight the temperate forest plants of British Columbia, eastern North America and Asia, while a classic alpine garden displays the diverse flora of high-altitude regions.

UBC Botanical Garden conducts its own research and conservation programs, as well as provides on-site research opportunities to faculty and students.

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Botanical Garden Donations Fund

A growing garden always needs attention. The Botanical Garden Donations Fund supports general operations in the Garden. Your support helps maintain the grounds and strengthen our research and outreach programs.

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Food Garden Fund

In the Food Garden, visitors are encouraged to explore our connection to food. Plants are chosen on the basis of local, regional and national significance, as well as cultural importance, culinary diversity, seasonal adaptability and display. Your support helps grow and maintain this important section of the Garden.

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North American Garden Fund

The North American Garden showcases plants from across North America, including the spectacular Carolinian Forest, which contains examples of deciduous trees from eastern North America. Your support of this fund helps maintain and improve our collection of North American plants.

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Nitobe Memorial Garden Fund

Nitobe Memorial Garden is considered to be the one of the most authentic Japanese gardens in North America and is among the top Japanese gardens outside of Japan. Your support helps maintain and improve this extraordinary treasure.

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Gifts of Plants to UBC Botanical Garden

In rare instances, UBC Botanical Garden accepts gifts of plants, garden structures and other garden-related materials. However, all gifts must be justifiable in terms of the Garden’s mission and policies as determined by UBC Botanical Garden management.

Curatorial & Funding Criteria
There is limited space in the Garden for new plants and garden structures. There is no general funding allotted for the digging, transportation and re-planting. The Garden gives priority to plants of known wild origin, recorded and documented provenance and (in the case of cultivated plants) known pedigree. Donors must be willing to incur the expenses related to transportation and relocation.

Only those plants and materials that satisfy all of the necessary curatorial criteria and that can be installed at no-cost to the Garden can be considered. If you have a donation that satisfies the aforementioned criteria, please contact us via the contact details in the sidebar to the left.

What area of the Garden speaks to you? Donations can be directed to our various collections. If the area you wish to support is not listed here, please contact us via the contact details in the sidebar to the left.