Horticulture Training Program

UBC Horticulture Training Program

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Interested in a career in horticulture, gardening, forestry or landscape architecture?

UBC Botanical Garden’s Horticulture Training Program (HTP) is the only full-time horticulture training program in Metro Vancouver north of the Fraser River.

Running from late summer to spring, this comprehensive eight-month, full­-time program is designed to teach you the fundamentals of plant sciences, plant identification, soil management, design, park maintenance, aesthetics, business practices and community awareness. Whether you want to become a landscape architect, commercial landscaper, arborist or urban farmer, the UBC Botanical Garden Horticulture Training Program can provide you with the foundational skills and knowledge you need to advance your career.


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Experiential learning will be emphasized through onsite practical training and outdoor classroom activities. With a schedule that includes four days on-site at the world-class UBC Botanical Garden and flexibility to complete technical learning tasks at home, students will be able to balance the demands of school, home, and work while receiving a rich and immersive horticultural education. Every facet of horticulture will be explored and students will finish with a foundation of skills that will enable them to pursue a career working with plants.

Training will be delivered by the Principal Instructor and the experienced and knowledgeable staff at UBC Botanical Garden. Successful students receive four UBC certificates and credit for Level 1 and Level 2 technical training from the Skilled Trades BC, which counts towards earning a Red Seal certificate in Landscape Horticulture. If you are considering a rewarding career working with plants, join us this year in the UBC Horticulture Training Program.

The University of British Columbia is recognized as a Skilled Trades BC designated training provider in the Landscape Horticulturist Program. The program is endorsed by the Industry Training Organization, HortEducationBC.

*(THE) Times Higher Education, (ARWU) Academic Ranking of World Universities, 

The UBC Botanical Garden Horticulture Training Program is an ideal choice for individuals wanting a career in horticulture or an associated field, or who wish to gain foundational knowledge for professional purposes. The program is best suited for those who can devote the necessary time to this full-time program.

Our program requires physical exertion in an outdoor environment; participants need to be physically able and in good condition.

Graduates of the HTP are well-prepared to apply for entry-level positions in the following:

Landscape, Park and Garden
Residential garden design and construction
Garden maintenance
Parks horticulture operations
Botanical garden operations
College and university campus horticulture operations
Commercial landscaping
Golf course operations
Irrigation technician
Regional District parks operations
Urban farming

Indoor Plants

Interior plant design, installation and maintenance
Green walls

Plant Production

Food, ornamental plants, Cannabis
Greenhouse technician
Nursery worker
Assistant/head grower
Small scale farming
Integrated Pest Management Technician

Urban Forestry
Climbing arborist
Consulting arborist
Ground crew
Plant health technician

Program Format

The eight-month cohort program consists of four separate eight-week modules. Each module is approximately 275 hours of classroom and practical instruction and is composed of a series of 3-5 courses.

Instruction is fully integrated with horticultural activities in the Garden and garden staff participate in training and mentoring.

Horticulture instruction is undertaken using the facilities of the Botanical Garden, Botanical Garden Nursery, Nitobe Memorial Garden, Totem Research Fields and the UBC landscape at large. Instruction includes a variety of off-site field trips to various horticultural organizations and operations.

Students are assessed on proficiencies in horticultural knowledge and practice through a variety of methods including oral, written and practical assignments and a complete final evaluation at the end of each course.

A passing grade of at least 70% is required on all assignments, tests and courses to complete the program successfully.

Course failure within a module requires the student to repeat the course the next time it is normally offered. Failure of more than three courses within a module requires the student to repeat the entire module.

Students are expected to abide within UBC policies on Academic Freedom, Academic Honesty and Student Conduct.


The HTP is an entry-level program introducing students to the fundamentals of landscape horticulture. The program follows the provincial horticulture apprenticeship, enriching the base curriculum with supplementary materials and practical, hands-on activities and training.

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