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  1. Christine

    Hello Erin, Interesting article!! It would be fun to also look at the community libraries of plant babies that have been popping up around the north shore. a few neighbour/gardeners have made these seed/plant and even yard/craft libraries off the idea from the little book libraries in neighbourhoods. I joined a north shore fb gardending group this spring and it was incredibly fruitful. There is knowledge sharing, seed sharing, seedling selling and sharing, intercultural plant knowledge/seedling sharing, and also general calls out for folks to share in the extra plants when people divided or cleared out old beds. I took over the gardening committee at my strata and found that many people were willing to share plants for me to fill in empty/weedful areas and were very generous as well with donations of orange flowering plants for my school gardens, too. Also lots of sharing around of little containers to reuse and divert from the waste stream, at least for a little bit longer!

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