Tips & Rules



Comfortable walking shoes are strongly encouraged as the majority of the Garden features gravel or wood chip pathways.


Other than service dogs, pets are not allowed in our garden. Please kindly leave your pets at home. There is no shade anywhere in our parking lot and it is dangerous to leave any pet in a car.

Washroom Facilities

There are three washrooms located at UBC Botanical Garden: one near the entrance, one in the Garden Pavilion, and a Porta Potty near the exit of the Greenheart TreeWalk. Nitobe Memorial Garden does not have a washroom on site, but there are washrooms available to visitors nearby. Ask the Admission Desk for information and directions.

Garden Etiquette & Rules

Please help us protect and maintain the Garden by observing the following:

  • The Garden is a tobacco-free environment. Smoking and tobacco products are not allowed on Garden property, including all buildings, grounds, restrooms and parking lots.
  • For their safety, please supervise children at all times.
  • No climbing, running, sports or games.
  • Please leave flowers and plants for everyone to enjoy. Do not collect or remove seeds, flowers, fruits, and vegetables, plant labels, etc.
  • Stay on pathways and mowed lawn areas. Do not walk in mulched or planted garden beds.
  • Do not wade or swim in ponds, streams, or fountains.
  • No pets. Service dogs/animals are permitted.
  • Do not feed or handle the wildlife. It can be harmful to them and you.
  • Please dispose of waste in recycling bins when appropriate.
  • For safety, please keep your personal items with you at all times. The Garden cannot be held responsible for missing items. If you recover an item in the Garden that does not belong to you, please turn it in to the Admission Desk.
  • Shirts and shoes are required at all times.
  • No outside alcohol or use of firearms.
  • You are welcome to take photos for your personal use. Commercial photography is prohibited without prior consent. Please email for instructions and guidelines. All photography requests should be directed to our Photography & Filming department. Email communication is preferred for all non-urgent requests.