Other Gardens & Areas


A series of small gardens of special interest and naturalized areas dot the grounds of UBC Botanical Garden.

Pacific Slope Garden

Under planning and early development, the Pacific Slope Garden will contain flora of coastal British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California. The first plantings for this area adjacent to the BC Rainforest Garden were made in 2011.

Arbour Garden

Behind the Food Garden, the Arbour Garden consists of a wooden trellis that supports a variety of climbing plants. In autumn, the Parthenocissus (creeper) on the west side of the arbor forms a dramatic backdrop to the Food Garden.

Winter Garden

Of special interest in winter and early spring for its colours and fragrances, the Winter Garden surrounds the Roseline Sturdy Amphitheatre.

Perennial Borders Garden

The Perennial Borders Garden, near the Garden Pavilion, bursts with colour during summer and autumn. Modern and heritage cultivars of both common and rare plants reveal practical and potential border plants for the home gardener.

Grow Green Demonstration Area

Grow Green is your guide to eco-friendly gardening. Whatever your space and gardening ability, Grow Green can help you grow a beautiful and sustainable garden or lawn. Getting started is easy. Visit the Grow Green website and answer a few questions about your gardening goals and the conditions of your space. Grow Green will give you personalized plans suited to your space.

Metro Vancouver has collaborated with UBC Botanical Garden to ensure that every design featured on Grow Green uses only non-invasive plants that are readily available in our region. See sample designs for yourself in the Grow Green demonstration area. The demonstration beds were installed by students in the Horticulture Training Program and showcase some of the most popular garden designs of 2016 including: Fountain of Colour, Hey Bee Bee, Made in the Shade, Majestic Maple and Timeless.

Contemporary Garden

Located north of the Arbour, the Contemporary Garden is an extensive grassed area surrounded by lush borders filled with a variety of flowering trees, shrubs and perennials chosen for botanical interest and spring and summer display. The area is a favourite for events and strolling.

Cattail Marsh

The Cattail Marsh is a small wetland that serves as a retaining pond for water, a favoured area of wildlife and birds, and a site of annual studies of wetland flora and fauna by UBC Biology students.

Walk in the Woods Trail

At the end of the David C. Lam Asian Garden, near the entrance to the Greenheart TreeWalk, is the trailhead to the Walk in the Woods. This 15-30 minute long walk loops through a second-growth century-old coastal rainforest.