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  1. Garden Communications

    Hi Tish. Little pink pustules are usually a sign that there is merely dead tissue (for whatever reason). It usually doesn’t mean there’s a serious problem. Branchlet and small branch dieback (self-pruning) is a fairly common phenomenon with Albizia, and is usually caused by droughty conditions in summer. Mimosa wilt is caused by a fungal organism that is more common in subtropical climates. It is not really adapted to the local (Vancouver) climate. If you have further issues we recommend that you post your inquiry on our Garden Forums for more detailed assistance: https://forums.botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/. Hope this helps!

  2. Tish Davis

    My Albizia julibrissen, now about 15’ and a glorious specimen, has suddenly started dropping drooping leaves. I have removed some branches and notice the bark covered with tiny pinkish “pustules”. Is this the sign of Mimosa wilt and is there anything I can do about it?
    Tish Davis…devastated.

  3. Garden Communications

    Hi Joanne. Thank you for your inquiry. Albizia is best left alone, except to remove dead, damaged or crossing branches. The species does not respond well to “heading cuts” (i.e., shortening the branches), so only “thinning cuts” (removal of the whole branch to its point of origin) should be tried. Size reduction is never successful.

  4. Joanne Tench

    someone asked me how to prune an albizia julibrissin. It was planted as a shrub in a spot too small for it. I’m afraid to say that they should prune it at all as they are so brittle
    Can it be pruned at all?

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