Student Projects

UBC Botanical Garden welcomes student research and coursework projects from all disciplines. Already have something in mind? Need ideas for projects? Want to help the Garden through your coursework? Please, contact us!

Examples of Recent Student Projects

Students from the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies enrolled in Library 580: Collections Management have helped the Garden through assessments of UBC Botanical Garden’s book collections. Topics recently assessed include the horticulture collection (herbaceous plants), the pollinator biodiversity collection, and the small-space gardening collection.

Conservation Biology 451 students perform a volunteer practicum as part of their coursework. In recent years, students from this course have assessed UBC Botanical Garden as a learning space for integration into Faculty of Forestry coursework and evaluated sensitive microhabitats and treefalls within the Garden.

Students in Geography 419: Research in Environmental Geography (UBC Department of Geography) participate in researching the conservation status and threats to species within the Botanical Garden’s plant collections and produce write-ups that are sometimes integrated into UBC Botanical Garden’s Botany Photo of the Day.