8 responses to “May 2020 in the Neighbourhood”

  1. Garden Communications

    We are happy you to hear that, thank you.

  2. Garden Communications

    Glad you enjoyed!

  3. Garden Communications

    Thank you, Susanna. We are glad to hear that you found this feature impactful.

  4. Susanna Egan

    I love these bulletins, learns lots, and look differently at the world around me after reading them. Thank you.

  5. katie mcintosh

    I was very interested to read the information about the Paulownia tormentors as I have a beautiful tall tree in the top corner of my garden. In North Vancouver. People walking by are amazed by the huge flowers which are now scattered all over my lawn after all the rain.

  6. Mark DeBard

    Great information. Now you need to educated your audience about all the other lilac Series and species, especially the early S. oblata and S. ×hyacinthiflora, the Pubescentes Series or Lilttleleaf Lilacs blooming right after the common lilac, and the Villosae Series or Late Lilacs blooming even later, ending with the Ligustrina Series or Tree lilacs. Planting cultivars from each group can prolong the flowering season to 8 weeks.

  7. Ty Manion

    lovely thank you

  8. EVELYN filipchuk

    love the depth of info. thank you.

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