8 responses to “April 2020 in the Neighbourhood”

  1. Garden Communications


    Thank you for your inquiry. We are currently only able to respond in the English and thank you for your patience and understanding. From what we understand, you are asking if Gardenias are hardy in Vancouver. Typically this is not the case — there is one cultivar of Gardenia jasminoides called “Kleim’s Hardy” that can tolerate some regions of Vancouver winters in a sheltered spot. It is fairly uncommon to come across an older, established plant. I hope this answers your question.

  2. Daniel Jubinville


    Est-ce que le gardenia est rustique à Vancouver?


    Levis, Quebec

  3. Garden Communications

    Good catch! Thank you. We have updated the relevant passage with the correct name.

  4. Harry

    Perhaps ‘Jet Fire’ daffodil rather than ‘Jet Trail’.

  5. Linda Layne

    Derry Walsh has an excellent website where she breaks down the steps to a modified lorette pruning style.

  6. Garden Communications

    Hi Sylvia,

    Thank you for your inquiry. We would encourage you to post your question to our Garden Forums (https://forums.botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/) where our horticulturists and garden enthusiasts are actively discussing similar topics. They will be able to help you!

  7. Karen Shuster

    Let’s not forget one of the most ubiquitous garden saws – when the forsythia blooms it’s time to prune your roses.

  8. Sylvia L'Écuyer

    I am looking for advice to prune the new fruits trees in planted in espalier last summer. Who can help? It is time to prune? Too late?

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