2 responses to “Why Are Crows Ruining My Lawn! (a.k.a. Living with European Chafer Beetle in Vancouver)”

  1. Garden Marketing

    Hi Kelly –
    This shouldn’t be a problem. The adult female chafer beetle lays her eggs in turf. The larvae (grubs) feed preferentially on the roots of grasses. Unless 1.) the soil you used for the containers was dug up from a lawn area, 2.) there are turf grasses in your containers, or 3.) you partially buried your containers in the lawn over the winter, there is next to no chance you will have chafer larvae in the containers. Good luck moving!

  2. Kelly

    I am moving to Vancouver Island and I want to take several of my potted plants with me. I am worried about the European Chafer Beetle though and don’t want to spread it over there. I have it in my lawn although I did apply the nematode last summer and watered it as directed….. so it should have helped. So far my new lawn looks fine.
    My question is whether I should chance taking plants in pots over or should I leave them behind?

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