Tours & Walks

Visitors can orient themselves and learn about the facts and history behind the different areas of the Garden with our

interpretive signs. For those wishing for a tour, we offer a variety of options:

Scheduled Public Tours & Walks

Visit our Events and Activities page for a detailed listing of all scheduled tours and walks currently open for registration.

Garden Drop-in Tours

Please check the sign at the Admission Desk for drop-in tour times.

Greenheart TreeWalk Tours

Experience the coastal temperate rainforest from a bird’s eye view and enhance your adventure by joining a tour. Greenheart’s naturalists at the TreeWalk offer drop-in tours with paid admission. Please check at the Admission Desk for the tours scheduled that day. For groups of 10 or more guests, pre-booking is required; please contact or check at the Admission Desk for further information.

Group Tours

We offer guided tours for tourist, garden and special interest groups. Groups of 10-25 can visit the Nitobe Memorial Garden, Greenheart TreeWalk and Food and Asian Gardens with a garden guide. Minimum of 10 participants per tour and booking two weeks in advance is required.

Garden Members

Becoming a member of UBC Botanical Garden includes private seasonal tours with garden staff, horticulturalists and world-renowned experts. Members have the opportunity to visit the Garden at unique times to enjoy the collection in greater detail.

School Field Trips

For information, please visit our School Field Trips page.

Sustainability Field School

Immerse your team in an environment that promotes teamwork, creativity and fun with an offsite experience that leaves the team feeling inspired, energized and connected. With opportunities for team-building activities throughout the day, the experience aims to build positive relationships within your team in an outdoor setting. For more information please visit our Sustainability Field School page.