Horticulture Training Program FAQ

View the recording of our previous Information Session for a detailed overview:

Why study here?

The UBC Horticulture Training Program (HTP) is the only full-time horticulture training program in Metro Vancouver north of the Fraser River. UBC Botanical Garden provides a rich training environment for the program. Instruction is fully integrated with horticultural activities in the garden and garden staff participate in training and mentoring.

UBC Botanical Garden’s wide range of facilities provide learning opportunities on the Botanical Garden grounds, Botanical Garden Nursery, Nitobe Memorial Garden, Totem Research Fields and Horticulture Greenhouses. The gardens and facilities are beautiful environments for practical learning and the program provides excellent opportunities for students to train alongside our industry-leading horticulturists.

Application Details

  • Proof of graduation from high school, with a minimum average of 70% in each of the final two years
  • Proof of meeting UBC’s English language admission standards
  • Proof of completion of either Principles of Mathematics 11, or Foundations of Mathematics 12 (or equivalent course)

Visit our Application Process and Fees page for details on how to apply. Applications are due May 30th 2024.

There is a non-refundable application fee of $50

Program Cost

2024/2025 rates: Tuition is $4500 CAD and material fees are $1500 CAD. Total cost is $6000 CAD.

In addition, students are responsible for their own hand pruners (Felco secateurs), rain gear, safety boots, work gloves, textbooks, academic supplies, transportation and entry fees for field trips. Please note that although this course is run through UBC Botanical Garden, students do not pay UBC student fees or receive a UBC Student card or benefits.

While there are some different avenues for funding, our program is not approved for government student funding. See HortEd BC's website for details on apprenticeship funding.

The Alpine Garden Club of British Columbia (AGCBC) offers a scholarship to horticulture students. Details can be found on their website. There is also apprenticeship funding you can apply for after completing the program, and depending on your eligibility, past students have gone through WorkBC and WorkSafeBC for funding.

Enrolled participants who do not complete the four modules in sequence may be charged an additional application fee if they wish to resume studies.

About the HTP

The HTP is an entry-level program introducing students to the fundamentals of landscape horticulture. The program follows the provincial horticulture apprenticeship, enriching the base curriculum with supplementary materials and practical, hands-on activities and training.

Topics covered include plant identification, plant sciences, soil management, design, park maintenance, aesthetics, business practices and community awareness.

Yes, the HTP is provincially accredited. The University of British Columbia is recognized as a Skilled Trades BC designated training provider in the Landscape Horticulturist Program. The program is endorsed by the Industry Training Organization, HortEducationBC.

Yes. Students are required to register with Skilled Trades BC (ITA) and create an account. Successful completion of the HTP gives credit for the classroom portion of Levels 1 & 2 of the provincial horticulture apprenticeship.

Students are assessed on proficiencies in horticultural knowledge and practice through a variety of methods including oral, written and practical assignments and a complete final evaluation at the end of each course.

Course failure within a module requires the student to repeat the course the next time it is normally offered. Failure of more than three courses within a module requires the student to repeat the entire module. A passing grade of at least 70% is required on all assignments, tests and courses to complete the program successfully.

Student Experience

The HTP is comprised of four separate eight-week modules. The program begins in August and finishes the following April. Each module is approximately 275 hours of classroom and practical instruction and is composed of a series of 3–5 courses.

The HTP is limited to a maximum of 16 students per cohort. We accept one cohort per year with classes starting in late August. All other qualified students are placed on a waitlist and may be offered a seat should they become available before the start of the cohort year.

HTP is only offered on a full-time basis as classes have been designed to complement each other and build on learning objectives and hands-on activities.

The HTP is a full-time program and students are required to attend from Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 am-4:00 pm. The physical nature of the training, as well as assignments and readings, significantly reduces available time and energy for extra-curricular activities, however, some students work part-time in addition to attending the program.

No, student housing is not available at this time.

HTP Graduates

Graduates of the HTP are well-prepared to apply for entry-level positions in the following:

Landscape, Park and Garden
 Residential garden design and construction
 Garden maintenance
 Parks horticulture operations
 Botanical garden operations
 College and university campus horticulture operations
 Commercial landscaping
 Golf course operations
 Irrigation technician
 Regional District parks operations
 Urban farming
Indoor Plants
 Interior plant design, installation and maintenance
 Green walls
Plant Production
 Food, ornamental plants, Cannabis
 Greenhouse technician
 Nursery worker
 Assistant/head grower
 Small scale farming
 Integrated Pest Management Technician
Urban Forestry
 Climbing arborist
 Consulting arborist
 Ground crew
 Plant health technician

UBC Policies

In general, it is expected that student concerns will be dealt with as close to the source of concern as possible. This list shows who you can consult during resolution of specific types of problems. If a problem isn’t resolved at the immediate source, you can bring it to a more senior person, as follows:

Courses and course grades:

course instructor
program advisor
head of the department
Status in the program, comprehensive examinations, supervision issues, funding, study/research environment, etc:

student’s supervisor
program advisor
If no resolution can be achieved within your program, the problem may be addressed with the help of G+PS and ultimately be taken to UBC Botanical Garden Director.

Students who wish to protest decisions relating to their academic studies may do so. The protest should be made initially as near the source of difficulty as possible, presumably an instructor, and progress to the head of the department concerned and then to the dean of the faculty.

Information Session

You are welcome to attend one of our Information Sessions. Find out more about the Garden, see past projects that students have completed, and meet alumni and instructors.

Click here for the May 2024 information sesssion

You can also contact us at garden.htp@ubc.ca or call 604.822.0416 for more information.