8 responses to “UBC Botanical Garden Hortline Service Celebrates 40+ Years of Helping Gardeners”

  1. Brenda Trainor

    February 2022: It was good to read that the Hortline has continued helping gardeners for 4 decades. I worked on it in the early’80’s as a recent grad of Plant Science, Faculty of Agricultural Science. I enjoyed the challenge. Although I didn’t continue in a paid career in Agriculture for long, I continued to help friends & neighbours with their plant concerns. Brenda Trainor (nee Lalik), Airdrie, Alberta

  2. Garden Communications

    We are happy to hear you enjoyed it!

  3. Garden Communications

    Thank you for sharing your story! We are always happy to hear from Horticulture students and appreciate you taking the time to comment. We will forward on your message.

  4. Julia Lo Ehrhardt

    Wow, glad this is written. I was a Horticulture student ’90 and had the pleasure of working with David and Judy. They, along with Dr. Gerald Straley set me on my career in public gardens. Fast forward to 2021, I direct a department of communicators, interpreters and horticulturists just outside of Philadelphia. Thank you Judy and David for all your work.

  5. Garden Communications

    Hello Barbara, The Hortline is a valuable resource. This article was written by recent graduate and Garden marketing assistant Shalini Nanayakkara.

  6. Barbara Wynn

    Amazing that the Hortline has been going so long,It is such a valuable resource.
    We would often refer customers to it when working in the Plant Center.
    Who did the interview?

  7. Garden Communications

    Hi Janet, thank you for your comment and your work with the Hortline! Indeed, the FOGs are a wonderful community with a great dedication towards plant education. We are lucky to have them.

  8. Janet Kidnie

    As a neophyte FOG about 1989, I spent time in the temporary Garden office near the entrance to the MOA, in the tiny corner that was the Hortline. I am a plant lover, but was by no means an expert, but the resources were there, and answering questions was a real learning experience. The FOG organization was such a wonderful group to be part of. I’m still full of admiration for its founders, including Rachel MacKenzie.

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