2 responses to “September in the Garden 2023”

  1. Heather Boal

    Enjoyed your review of the August/September Fall Garden. I love the Fuchsias.
    I am looking for deer resistant plants, I have salvias and Australian mint.
    We cage anything that will be browsed by fallow deer. Dry hillside!
    Any other suggestions, sites would be helpful.

  2. Le Ronza Flowers

    September’s garden often feels like an extended summer, with vibrant blooms stealing the spotlight. Fuchsias, hailing from Central and South America, remain a hummingbird magnet, with the cold-hardy Fuchsia magellanica, and its hybrid ‘Little Giant,’ adorning the entrance. Keep an eye out for the elegant Fuchsia magellanica Alba Group too. Phygelius and Epilobium, resembling fuchsias, grace the scene in September. Phygelius capensis and the hybrid Phygelius × rectus ‘Moonraker’ captivate with their blooms, originally pollinated by perching birds in southern Africa but now enjoyed by our native hummingbirds. Marvel at the red-flowered ‘Salmon Leap’ cultivar in the Front Entrance Plaza and the Contemporary Garden.

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