3 responses to “Renewal of the Espalier Fruit Tree Collection”

  1. shalini nanayakkara

    Hi Gajendra, thanks for the inquiry. The best place to find advice is on our Garden Forums website or on our Hortline, where our horticulturists and plant enthusiast community can help. You can find the Forum and Hortline details here: https://botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/advice/

  2. Gajendra Gulati

    Could some one suggest where I could buy Espaliered Fruit trees in Ontario, or any where in Canada
    I would like to buy grown large already espaliered trees to make green wall in my backyard separating the garden in two areas.

    Thanks in Advance
    kindly advise
    Gajendra Gulati

  3. Wendy Cutler

    Thank you for posting this. We had been wondering why these plantings were being removed. Nice to know we can look forward to the new collection.

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