4 responses to “January 2017 in the Garden”

  1. Christine

    I would have expected that Eucalyptus regnans would do well in Vancouver since it grows in Australia’s Snowy Mountains and tolerates wetter conditions than its relatives. However, it is apparently only hardy to -7ºC and doesn’t regenerate easily as, unlike E. coccifera, it doesn’t have a lignotuber. That’s a pity as it is the tallest flowering tree in the world and second-tallest overall.
    If UBC’s Eucalyptus survive, give them an extra thought on January 26th – Australia Day.

  2. Kathy L

    Interesting! Will check my neighbour’s trees, damage from snow weight so far, and deer . Who would have thought deer would eat eucalyptus?

  3. Jeanne

    In the process of reading “The hidden life of trees”, so thank you for this article. What a wonder nature is.

  4. nom

    I love plants 🙂
    where I did not exist

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