2 responses to “International Women’s Day: Meet Allison Luke, Horticulture Training Program graduate”

  1. Garden Communications

    Hi Caleb, We’ve connected you with our HTP program. If you have any further questions please contact us at garden.htp@ubc.ca. Thank you.

  2. Caleb

    Hi, my name is Caleb and I’m interested in the HTP. I’m not sure if Allison Luke will see this but I was curious if this program should be taken with a lot of experience in horticulture. I’m currently in grade 12 and I applied to a bachelors program in horticulture but this program seems a lot more hands on and more my style. I was thinking I could skip a four year program and instead do a great one year program. My question here is would the red seal and certificates from UBC be something impressive/hirable to a cannabis company?

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