4 responses to “Exploring the Rooftop of Vietnam”

  1. Garden Communications

    Hi Andrew, unfortunately the garden which is mentioned is a private estate. Sorry we aren’t able to share further details.

  2. Andrew Radgick

    I was interested to read of your sighting of Dipentodon sinicus, having seen it earlier this year on a botanising trip to Yunnan. Do you recall in which Cornish garden Dan Crowley has seen it as I would like to source some seed and try to grow it.

  3. Garden Marketing

    Thank you Lucy! Douglas & Andy enjoy sharing their stories of their expeditions and are glad they could bring back so many memories of Vietnam for you! (Hmmm, Borneo…will have to think about it!)

  4. Luz Nelly George (Lucy)

    Hi Justice,

    Thank you! for your great description about your field trip to Vietnam. My husband and myself enjoyed it very much, and brought back memories from the years we used to live in Vietnam. Reading it feels like living the experience.
    Personally I love the North: the people, and Hmong People are very kind, the landscape and the food and of course the richness of the flora.
    At the time when we were there the road from Hanoi to Sapa was almost empty! only bicycles and pigs, or ducks crossing the road. Hanoi was not congested, just bicycles, very few cars, and motorbikes start to come out!
    We were stationed at the border with China in the north.
    Thanks again, and all the best with your great work! ..(Have you think about going to Borneo?)…
    Best wishes,

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