Bird-friendly green spaces

The Friends of the Garden (FOGs) have been working closely with Nature Vancouver to complete monthly bird biodiversity assessments in the Garden. The group collects bird data at 11 sites in the Garden and records the information into an eBird database managed by Cornell Lab of Ornithology, which can be found here. In one trip, the group identified 23 different species of birds.

The bird biodiversity research taking place at the Garden is a great example of citizen science. In addition to frequenting public garden spaces, birds are attracted to backyards that are equipped with suitable food, shelter, and water. Proving healthy nuts and seeds for food, a mix of shrubs, trees, vegetation, and nest boxes for shelter, and clean water dishes can make your backyard or green space more bird-friendly.

Click here for more details on how to cultivate a bird-friendly backyard from Metro Vancouver’s Grow Green Guide.

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