A Growing Affair 2017 – CANCELLED

A Growing Affair 2017 has been cancelled and has been replace by our Down to Earth event, May 13.

2 responses to “A Growing Affair 2017 – CANCELLED”

  1. Garden Marketing

    Hi Shirley – A Growing Affair is a tremendous amount of work for the volunteers involved, all of whom are getting older. The set-up and logistics can be very difficult and tiring for them. But don’t fret, we will be holding an event this year! It will include some plant sales, but the focus will be on education, demonstrations, tips & advice from our volunteers. What our Friends of the Garden do best is share their knowledge and passion for gardens with others, so we hope you can come to our new event (name to be announced soon) and see for yourself!

  2. Shirley Carter

    This was my favourite sale, one I looked forward to all year. Why has it been cancelled?

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