5 responses to “October 2017 in the Garden”

  1. Garden Communications

    Hello, please check out our resources at http://botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/advice to have plant and garden questions answered. Thank you

    – UBC Botanical Garden’s communication team.

  2. Matt

    Is the hydrangea a good nectar plant for butterflies providing through the early fall thank you.

  3. Garden Communications

    Hi Donna, The best resources for plant specific advice that we can offer is through our Hortline and our online forums. You can find out more information about both here: https://botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/learn/advice/

  4. Donna Humphries

    I fell in love with a hydrangea sold at my local grocery store called Pistachio. I hope the wonderful green and reddish flowers will return next year – any special feeding or care I could do to ensure these interesting blossoms?

  5. Ruth Renwick

    most interesting. I always wondered why some are pink and some blue. I love the big white ones..thank you.

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