Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Gifts from UBC Botanical Garden’s Shop in the Garden and Garden Centre offer a special touch of nature and sustainability for that botanical-loving Father. Gifts from UBC Botanical Garden’s Shop in the Garden and Garden Centre not only celebrate Father’s Day but also support conservation efforts and promote appreciation for the biodiverse world:

  • Botanical Games and Puzzles:
    Explore the shop for botanical-themed puzzles featuring local flora. Look for puzzles that showcase the beauty of plants and gardens unique to the Pacific Northwest.
  • Native Mugs:
    These could make for a charming addition to your dad’s morning routine.
  • Soaps:
    Consider artisanal soaps with scents inspired by the local ecosystem, such as Fir or Anise.
  • Hats:
    A hats is the perfect gift that provides sun protection for outdoor activities like gardening or hikes.
  • Seeds:
    UBC Botanical Garden offers a selection of seeds, including native plants. Consider gifting a variety of seeds from West Coast Seeds or seeds collected from our very own garden, supporting local biodiversity and conservation efforts.
  • Books:
    Explore the bookstore for books on horticulture, gardening, or local flora and fauna. Look for titles that celebrate the beauty of the Pacific Northwest’s natural landscapes and offer insights into native plant species.
  • Pollinating or Native Plants:
    Consider gifting native plants that support pollinators like bees, butterflies, and birds. Choose plants that are well-suited to your garden environment and promote biodiversity.
  • Tree Plants:
    Trees make for meaningful and long-lasting gifts. Consider species that offer seasonal interest or provide habitat for wildlife.
  • Membership to UBC Botanical Garden
    Celebrate their love for nature with a membership to UBC Botanical Garden, that will bring joy to the family all year long.
  • Gift Certificate
    If you’re unsure of their preferences, a gift certificate to the UBC Botanical Garden allows him to choose exactly what they want.

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