8 Thoughtful Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to honour the incredible mothers who have shaped our lives with their love, wisdom, and unwavering support. Show your appreciation with gestures that truly reflect the depth of our gratitude and affection. Here are 8 thoughtful gift ideas for Mother’s Day, from heartfelt gifts that speak to her unique personality, to meaningful experiences that create lasting memories.

  1. Flowering Shrubs: Choose from a variety of Rose Shrubs available at our garden. At the Garden Centre, we carry Fairy Rose, Verandah Cream, Peach Drift, Kiss me Kate, and Soul Sister. These shrubs not only brighten up any garden space but also provide lasting beauty.
  2. First Nations Jewellery: Honour the strength, beauty, and wisdom of the person who means the world to you with First Nations jewellery. Each piece tells a story, weaving together tradition, culture, and the natural world.
  3. Purses and Handbags: Celebrate with a purse or handbag that reflects mom’s unique style.
  4. Wool Scarves: Give a gift of cozy comfort and timeless style with a luxurious scarf that will keep them warm and stylish all year round.
  5. Botanical Puzzles: Explore a selection of botanical puzzles to complete together and proudly display when done! They add a touch of nature to any room and can be a beautiful focal point.
  6. Botanical Books: Shop our wide collection of books at UBC Botanical Garden that align with mom’s interests. Our new book ’50 Keystone Fauna Species of Coastal British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest’ is a great pocket guide for nature and hiking lovers.
  7. Garden Membership: Celebrate their love for nature with a gift that keeps on giving – a membership to UBC Botanical Garden that will bring her joy all year long.
  8. Gift Certificate: If you’re unsure of their preferences, a gift certificate to the Shop & Garden Centre allows her to choose exactly what she wants.

With these ideas, you can show your appreciation for your mom’s nurturing spirit and love for nature on Mother’s Day.


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