Plant propagation for the people (UBC community)


Event: Plant Propagation for the People: A Workshop
Location: Zoom. Register here.
Date: Saturday, May 15, 2021 @ 10:30 am – 12 pm
Cost: Free 

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Making your own plants using seeds, cuttings, and divisions is a fun way to make gardening more affordable and to learn about plant life cycles, support pollinators and reduce waste. 

This online workshop will provide participants with an introduction to propagation and an opportunity to discuss sharing among campus gardeners. What kind of difference would it make to campus gardening, biodiversity and community life if making and sharing plants were part of our daily lives? How can we encourage the sharing of plants and other gardening materials among our community?

Join our workshop hosts, Egan Davis, Principal Instructor of the UBC Botanical Garden Horticultural Training Program and Erin Despard, current Artist in Residence at UBC Botanical Garden, for this educational and inspiring conversation about making and sharing plants.

What to bring: Your thoughts about sharing among gardeners; pen and paper for note-taking.

Note: Participants will be required to complete a short survey following the workshop in order to receive materials for further study.


About Biodiversity Days:

Communities are in a race against time to address the climate emergency, improve food security and halt biodiversity extinction. This May, in honour of the UN World Biodiversity Day (May 22), we are hosting a series of virtual and family experiences to celebrate biodiversity and amplify its importance for current and future generations.

What is Biodiversity? Biodiversity is the foundation of life on Earth and encompasses the ecosystems, species and genes of all living things. Cultural diversity is also a key component of biodiversity, intimately linking us to ways of knowing the natural world. Maintaining biodiversity and its ecosystem services is key to advancing nature-based solutions, social justice, climate action, food and water security and more.

Join Us: Be part of an active movement and learn how we can collectively safeguard our planet’s biodiversity to live in harmony with nature. Mobilizing action to protect and restore biodiversity requires participation across communities, disciplines and cultures. Join us for Biodiversity Days and learn more about how you can help.

Event Organizers: Biodiversity Days is hosted by UBC Botanical Garden in collaboration with SEEDS Sustainability Program and the Climate Crisis in Urban Biodiversity Initiative (CCUB). See the full list of scheduled events HERE.