Members Tour: David C. Lam Asian Garden

Garden path through lush green vegetation

Date: Thursday, March 26, 2020
Time: 3 pm – 4 pm
Location: UBC Botanical Garden, 6804 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver BC
Please meet the tour guide, Andy Hill, under the ginkgo tree at the entrance to the Asian Garden 5 minutes before the start of the tour.
Cost: Free

Please join us for an exclusive members-only tour of the David C. Lam Asian Garden. If you are not yet a member of the UBC Botanical Garden/Nitobe Memorial Garden, you can purchase a membership here.

Andy Hill, the garden’s Curator-Horticulturist, will take you on a 45-minute stroll through the woodland garden where he will discuss interesting plants, recent projects, and future plans.

The David C. Lam Asian Garden site is a coastal native second-growth forest under-planted with Asian trees, shrubs, woody vines, evergreen and herbaceous perennials. Many of the Asian plants are of known origin, the seeds of the plants having been collected in the wild, and several are rare species of considerable conservation value. The garden hosts significant biodiversity with the thousands of different kinds of plants that provide habitat and food for many animals, especially birds. There are several large perches suitable for large raptors, and at least one bald eagle nesting site in the garden.

The garden derives a significant microclimate from the forest cover, but also because the ocean—the Salish Sea—is 100 metres below the garden. The main path, Asian Way, circumnavigates the garden, and from it, paths named for famous plant explorers of the past wind through the planted areas. Most of the pathways are covered with wood chips, which limits accessibility to some degree, but there is also a network of paved pathways suitable for guests with accessibility and mobility challenges.

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Important Notes: Tour content is geared toward an adult audience but children are welcome to attend.

Parking: Free Visitor Parking for 3 hours, provided you enter your license plate.

Members only. This tour is an exclusive membership perk. Please bring your membership card.