School Field Trips


Positive learning in nature is the mission of our school programs at UBC Botanical Garden. Using our Garden as a green classroom, teachers can enrich their curriculum and share the beauty of biodiversity with their students. Choose from a variety of field trips designed to spark inquiry and curiosity in students of all ages.

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Seasonal Garden Tour

Take your students on a walking adventure through our Asian Garden, Garry Oak Meadow and Food and Medicine Gardens. Along the way, students walk through our moon tunnel and past eagle trees and beehives. Learn about seasons, food and ecosystems on this introductory tour of our Garden.

Greenheart TreeWalk

Take your students high in the canopy to explore our 300-metre long aerial adventure where they can observe plants and animals from 21 metres above the forest floor! Whether you are teaching your students about forests, habitats or ecosystems, we offer a truly unique opportunity to experience a sustainable outdoor adventure designed with the trees in mind.

TreeWalk & Garden Tour

This popular experience is ideal for larger groups that want to explore the treetop canopy of the temperate rainforest and the Food Garden. Students learn about the importance of forests and biodiversity, how trees clean our air and the interconnectedness of plants and people. Students will see the variety of ways that people rely on plants for air, food and medicines.

NEW! Farm & Garden Field Trip

People and plants have a long history together. We eat plants, grow them for beauty and collect them from far and wide. For a full day experience of outdoor educational programming, the UBC Farm and UBC Botanical Garden paired up for a pilot program. Students began their morning at the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at the UBC Farm, ate their own packed lunch, and then came to the Botanical Garden for a Seasonal Garden and TreeWalk tour.

Rates: $20/child, $25/concession (youth, senior, ELI, UBC, UNA, Members) and $30/adult, taxes included, for a 4.5 hour experience. Available May & June.

Incredible Edibles Food Garden Tour

Children of all ages love to learn about food gardens! Discover Vancouver’s oldest food demonstration garden and a 16th century medicinal garden, observe seasonal fruits and vegetables and learn about pollinators. Whether you are teaching students about ecology, human geography or cooking, we have some food for thought.

Nitobe Memorial Garden Tour

Discover our authentic Japanese garden and experience a symbolic human journey through life and time. Stroll past lanterns, over bridges and beneath unique trees linking the east and west sides of the Pacific Ocean. The landscape design is world-renowned and contains many thoughtful elements.

Special Interest Tours

Our knowledgeable Garden Guides offer flexible tours designed to meet specific curriculum needs. We have more than 50,000 plants from over 7,000 taxa providing an excellent learning opportunity. We can focus on pollinators, First Nations plants and medicines, climate change and a range of sustainability topics.

Guidelines for teachers

• Minimum 10 participants per tour
• All tour participants pay tour rates
• One contact organizer per group
• One free chaperone per 8 students
• One payment due on the day of your visit
• Tour fees include Garden Admission
• Tour rates cannot be combined with discounts
• UBC Botanical Garden reserves the right to reschedule
• We do not currently have any lunch facilities
• All groups are required to sign our Code of Conduct